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The Hub is all about the community.

A central spot for all change management professionals and those interested in the industry to
Engage, Evolve and Energise!

Change Practitioners come from a vast range of backgrounds; we do not share norms, religion or customs.
Our frameworks and models are diverse, our theories and opinions are varied.

So what draws us together as practitioners a community?

It is our focus on people that is at the heart of our practice. We want to create hope, build trust, show compassion and provide stability for the people in our organsations. And that's a big job.

This is where we find our common ground and connect with each other, and this is where the Change Community Hub builds its foundation. We believe that a community driven by its focus on people, can do extraordinary things for practitioners, partners, and the world beyond.

As a self-led community, the Hub's intention is to move our community forward through three big ideas - EngageEvolve and Energise.

Change Community Hub

And like three rivers flowing from different destinations, these tributaries join together to create a place like no other for those who work in and around Change Management.


Engaging, connecting and collaborating is at the heart of every community. Each member decides where they want to take it – from a brief meeting at an event, to building those deeper connections with fellow change enthusiasts. With so many choices, why not get involved in this collaboratively-run community?

Evolving the change management profession and continuously developing practitioners as individuals is essential to making our community thrive - especially when you add a dash of generosity and reciprocity! This is an invitation to be curious and experiment.


Energy in abundance can be found in communities—they are a place for friendships and laughs, recognition and appreciation, celebration of the unique perspectives and experiences everyone brings, and the flourishing of individuals and collectives. We want to to be uplifted through new, invigorating experiences.

So join us today to find a place like no other - a hub where you’ll find what you need and a community where you belong.

The Change Community Hub … EngageEvolveEnergise.

Inside the Hub

Articles by the Community

You've got a voice so raise it here! Check out what we're thinking across the Change Community.

Community Bookshelf

Love a good book? You'll be thrilled to know that you're in fabulous company! Check out what we're reading across the Change Community.

Changie's Toolkit

Looking for something to add to your bag of tricks, or a bit of inspiration to spruce up your next round of change activities. Check out what we're using across the Change Community.

Courses & Programs

Are you looking to sharpen your skills or even for a place to start? Check out what public programs are available, what our change community are running and recommending.

Community Events

Check out what's happening across the Change Community.

Competitions & Giveaways!

Who doesn't love free stuff! Here's some of the latest competitions and giveaways happening at the Hub!


We'd love to hear your ideas, about your favourite books, tools and courses!


If you’ve ever thought about sharing your time (whether you’ve got a lot of time to offer or just a little) and your skills (no matter where your strengths may lie) then WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

Exclusive to the Hub

What are you waiting for?

Join the Change Community Hub

The Hub is a central spot for all change management professionals and those interested in the industry to EngageEvolve and Energise!

By becoming a member of the Hub you can contribute to a place like no other, designed just for those who work in and around Change Management.

Your membership offers you the opportunity to engage with our treasure trove of resources, as well as great discounts on Hub events. We’ve got so many fantastic opportunities for you to connect with other members and evolve your practice.

And if that’s not enough to tempt you, then perhaps you’d like the chance to get hands-on and submit your own articlescreate and host your own events, or contribute other ideas and energy, all with the support of our awesome Volunteers.

Oh and did we mention it's free to join?

The Hub & Valiente

The Change Community Hub has been established as its own business entity under Valiente Pty Ltd. The key reason for this business structure at this time is to allow the Hub to be covered by the relevant insurances for events and other big dreams we might have. It also ensures that access is available to professional advice if it needed and it was a low cost solution to establish the community and meet its digital and legal needs.

Having a separate ABN for the Change Community Hub means:

  • it will be relatively simple to move this to a not-for-profit structure (there is still quite a cost associated with doing this and we want to make sure that this something that will self-sustain before the investment is made).
  • any of the copyright is owned by the Change Community Hub business entity, not Valiente (although our Guidelines mean the author owns the content and The Hub has rights to publish and distribute to the community).
  • we can have separate business bank account; we will be publishing the profit and loss statements so you can see where the money is coming from and how its being spent.

Legal Name

The Trustee for the Change Community Hub Unit Trust trading as Change Community Hub


58 896 440 516

Registered Office

c/o Wee Partners Accountants
Level 3, Suite 7, 54 Jephson Street
Toowong QLD 4066 Australia

Postal Address

GPO Box 2713
Brisbane City QLD 4001 Australia


  • Lesleigh Anne Ross
  • Valiente Pty Ltd

The maintenance of this platform and the promotion of the community does require the investment of funds and our Community Kick Starters have invested to enable community members to enjoy the platform without any financial commitments until the end of 2020.

We made the decision to not charge membership in 2020 given the world is a mess and the primary objective is to bring together and support our community through the insanity.

Moving into 2021, we have absolutely no intention of removing free membership access to the Hub. We will be looking at a premium membership offering and explore alternative revenue streams to just membership fees.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to the team or drop Leigh a direct line.

Lesleigh Ross, Partner Valietne Group

Lesleigh Ross


+61 (0) 403 515 665

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Step into Brave Change with Valiente

No matter what change you are working to achieve in the workplace, the Valiente Group will help you create a braver, bolder mindset for change and support it with state-of-the-art tools built to tackle this complex VUCA world.


No matter what change you are working to achieve in the workplace, the Valiente Group will help you create a braver, bolder mindset for change and support it with state-of-the-art tools built to tackle this complex VUCA world.


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